How does it work ?
It's pretty simple actually. Once you submit at least 1 thing you'd like to teach, and at least 1 thing you'd love to learn or do. Then you enter your city, and connect either one of your social networks and submit. At this stage, we are already looking for other people who we can match you up with. Once we found somebody that has entered interest similar to yours we will send both of you an email with a link to a match page. With this our job is done! - You guys will be able to get in touch through your social networks, meet up, learn something and make a new friend.
What's in it for me?
Just think about it for a second. You learn something new and you make a new friend - we think that this is pretty cool already. But on top of that you also contribute by sharing your knowledge and doing some good in the process.
How long does it usually take ?
Depending on how many people in your city share your interest, your wait time might vary. A little tip - it is always useful to enter 3 things your would like to learn and teach. This will dramatically increase your chances of us finding you a match.
What can I do to speed up the process?
Well, sharing certainly do some good. Most of your friends live around you, fact. The more people in your city enter their interest on 2Tangos.com the higher the quicker it goes. More submission = better chance of finding a quick match
What if I don't like my match ?
No problem, just press the 'Find another match' button, and you're back in the game.
Privacy, please ?
You share only what you explicitly put into the system. Your learn/teach items and your city and a link to your social network profile. These are the only things stored with us; once we find a match, we are sending You and your match a link to each of your selected online profiles. This is the only stuff we use, no more no less. If you're not convinced, you can choose to connect with an email and a pseudonym only - but hey, most of you have your privacy settings set up on Facebook and Google, and if you don't, we suggest you do that over there right away.
I have feedback or more questions, where do I put it?
Oh, that one is easy. Just hit the feedback button on the page footer and submit your idea to make 2Tangos.com better. If you just want to get in touch to talk hit the 'Contact us' link below or find us on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Oh, yeah email hello@2tangos.com. We'd love hearing from you.